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How to Test AS2 Adapter in SAP PI

When I was developing scenario using AS2 adapter I didn’t have idea on how to Test AS2 Adapter in SAP PI. Then I come across a very good open source tool Mendelson AS2 software which can be used for End-to End testing of AS2 Adapter in SAP PI.

Mendelson AS2 software: is available free download in below link, It does not require local admin rights  to install (runs with Java).


Google Adsense Vs Bidvertiser

Well when my site was live few months ago I had only one thing in mind which PPC to choose for my site. For same I did lot of searches, discussions with my friends and answer was always Google Adsense.

So I went on and open a account with Google but then I released Google takes quite a lot of time to approve  your application, but to earn as early as possible I went on and open a account with Bidvertiser as well. For benefit of readers I am writing a my experience of Google Adsense Vs Bidvertiser