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How to Test AS2 Adapter in SAP PI

When I was developing scenario using AS2 adapter I didn’t have idea on how to Test AS2 Adapter in SAP PI. Then I come across a very good open source tool Mendelson AS2 software which can be used for End-to End testing of AS2 Adapter in SAP PI.

Mendelson AS2 software: is available free download in below link, It does not require local admin rights  to install (runs with Java).

First step is download Mendelson AS2 from above link and install on your machines, Mendelson AS2 acts as a ‘client’ in order to simulate sending of messages via AS2, from external partners It Reduces dependency of functional experts on the technical resources when screening AS2 scenarios

Partner’s setup

  1. With this scenario will describe the setup for simulating GXS sending AS2 messages to ECC
  2. First we need to setup the sending partner details
  3. Select the ‘Partner’ icon and create the ‘GXS’ sending partner
  4.  Enter the AS2 ID, which is used here to uniquely identify the sender.


Create receiver Partner

1. Now we need to create the receiver partner ‘SAP D97’  as follows

2. Enter the  AS2 ID, which is used here to uniquely\identify the receiver Partner Configuration

3. Select the ‘Security’ tab, and configure for no signature and no encryption. Security_D97_3

4. Select the ‘Send’ tab, and configure the required Receipt URL: URL will be address of PI server where we want to send the message. For example: http://<Host Name:Port>/SeeburgerAS2/AS2Server If required, you can define a “Payload subject” for this receiver (may be necessary for some scenarios) URLD97_4

5. Select the ‘MDN’ tab, and configure for only ‘Request sync MDN’ MDN_D97


Sending a message from GXS to ECC Dev

  1. Ensure that partner ‘GXS’ is defined as the ‘local station’ partner (tab ‘Misc’ on GXS partner)
  2. Select ‘File’ and then ‘Send to Partner’ from the menu
  3. Select ‘ECC Dev’ as the Receiver, then selecting the local file to send, and then click ‘OK’


The sending of the file should result in the following kind of response in the ‘m-e-c’ log Sending_logD97_1

Now we can check on seeburger workbench message should be successfully received. SeeburgerWorkbench_1

Troubleshooting We will be posting more on How to troubleshoot AS2 Interface.. Stay Tuned

2 thoughts on “How to Test AS2 Adapter in SAP PI

  1. can you plz give us an idea how we can use events if we receive any messages from partners in Mendelson-as2 . there is a event tab in partners. how to use it?

    can you provide us an example or link so we can leaen from that.

    1. Hi Kishan sorry for being late
      I have never used event tab as such but if you find any information do post with us it will help us and other readers.

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