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Troubleshooting- SAP BPM build doesn’t work

This blog will provide troubleshooting steps when SAP BPM Build does not work. A lot of time while designing the BPM process build process doesn’t work.

While doing a SAP BPM “build” (of the project) it fails and usually, error message will be “Build Failed for <projectname>”

sap bpm build doesn't work

sap bpm build doesn't work

This issue can be solved in 2 ways

  1. Create a new workspace in the NWDS which will create a Development Component PI-SCP-BUILDT. Now copy BPM in new workspace and deploy it will work.
  2. Go to Development Infrastructure perspective search for PI-SCP-BUILDT, expand the components and it will look like as below

sap bpm build doesn't work

Right click on both entries and do re-sync. You will notice components status will become green

sap bpm build doesn't work

Once re-sync complete, try to re-deploy BPM this should work

Check out SAP BPM integration using SAP PI 

To learn more about SAP BPM

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